Saturday, January 30, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 23: Touched by an Angel

Do you remember that show? I think we watched it occasionally with the kids. Even if you never saw it, you probably get the gist of what it was about—moments when something eerie, mystical happens and you feel as though an angel has touched you.

Have you ever had a real experience when you felt like you’ve been “touched by an angel?” I don’t know that I would attribute those moments to an angel, but have had on a few occasions a moment when the voice of God or presence of God seemed almost palpable.

I had one of those times yesterday. It’s always hard to describe things like this. And please know this doesn’t happen all the time to me. I was reading a very provocative book called The Failure of Nerve by Ed Friedman. In the introduction, I was processing something he said, felt the nudge to turn to God and pray and then had this sense; this thought came into my mind more like a suggestion and instantly I knew what it was about, though I don’t know how I knew.

It was as though the Spirit said, “You are going to learn that when you are too empathic with people, you get in the way of empowering them”—something like that.

Two pages later, I literally read a thought almost identical to that.

I felt like I was “touched by an angel.” It was eerie. And God certainly has my attention.

Question for spiritual direction:

  • Thinking back over your life, when have you been “touched by an angel” or had a moment when God’s voice of presence felt palpable?
  • What was that like for you?
  • Would you like to have an experience like that? Why or why not?

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Karin said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts! I'll be back for more!!