Friday, August 17, 2007

The baby has arrived!

On Wednesday, the FedEx truck stopped in front of our house. The driver backed in and unloaded my baby--100 copies of my new book, The Wide Open Spaces of God. I wasn't expecting it to arrive until September. The surprise delivery was reminiscent of becoming a new mom. I had the instant urge to check it over and make sure all the parts were there; to marvel at it and take it all in. I snuck off to read the introduction, just to know how I felt, if it was ok for this baby to be out in public. I am glad to say that I was reassured. I'm looking forward to others seeing my baby and sharing what that is like for them. So, welcome to Peregrine Journey--a place where you can talk about your meanderings with God through these wide open spaces of life.

Warmly, Beth Booram