Monday, January 25, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 18: Slimy

Of all the feeling sensations, I think I hate slimy the most! Slimy fish; slimy mucous; slimy bird poop; slimy slugs. Today, I noticed the slimy feeling of a raw turkey breast as I was washing it and preparing it for dinner. Slimy—a combination of sticky and slippery, yuck! When I think of it, I want to wash my hands—about five times.

I have a natural aversion to slime. I don’t want to touch it, taste it, see it, smell it or hear about it.

As I was handling the turkey breast, noticing my touching, I asked God what he has an aversion to:

Here’s what came to my mind.

God has an aversion to falseness.
God has an aversion to hypocrisy.
God has an aversion to pompousness.
God has an aversion to flattery.
God has an aversion to being judgmental.
God has an aversion to indifference.
God has an aversion to hatred.
God has an aversion to pride.

As I consider this list, I have to scratch my head. How in the world can God still love me and pursue me? Every one of these attitudes he has an aversion to is resident within me.

Bless you, God, that even though you have an aversion to these, you don’t reject me as if I’m slime:)

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