Saturday, January 9, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 6: Life with Bongo—a Touching Story

At 6:35 am, our alarm clock sounded. Not the one in front of our bed, but the four-legged, fur-coated one. I lay in a twilight sleep as the sound of his padding up the stairs woke me. He rounded the bed to David’s side, jumped up, put his paws on the bed and poked his snout at David’s sleeping face. (Can you tell who gets up first each morning?)

After a concerted attempt to dissuade him, David got up and began his ritual of feeding Bongo and making coffee. Once Bongo had his breakfast and outside bathroom break, he bounded back up the stairs and plopped on the end of the bed, across my feet. I tried to dislodge him, but he thought better of it.

I came downstairs and curled up on the sofa, my mind on “screen-savor,” sipping coffee and slowly coming to. Bongo joined me. He curled his body next to mine as I pet him, stroking his soft, luxurious fur and rubbing his ears. We continued like this for a good hour—with me, every so often, running my fingers through his silky-smooth fur and caressing his adorable face.

In my opinion, petting a dog is one of the most delightful, consoling experiences in our lives! I pet Bongo, in part, because he has the most amazingly soft coat. (He is an Australian shepherd—a black tri-colored.) I love the way he feels. In fact, I can’t keep my hands off him; he is so sensational to touch. I also pet Bongo because he likes to be petted. I enjoy watching him enjoy being stroked.

In terms of how touching Bongo enhances or augments my spiritual life—I’m not sure of the connection. All I can say is that I am sure glad God made dogs! It’s one of life’s best pleasures, to have a dog to love and be loved by.

How about you? Have you pet your dog today?


Joanna said...

My Aussie Casey was lying next to my chair while I read this, and I reached down to stroke him. Thanks for the reminder!

Beth said... glad you were nudged to enjoy touching Casey. What color is he? I love this breed! Bongo is our first Aussie.