Saturday, January 23, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 16: Tangible

Much of the impact of my work seems intangible. I write, speak, offer spiritual direction and consult. Occasionally, I see real, concrete evidence that what I do is making a difference. Sure, I sometimes hear about how my life has affected someone elses. But often, I do what I do because it’s in my heart to—not because I get a lot of feedback.

That’s one of the reasons why I like to do tangible work—like clean my house. Most Saturday mornings, that's my mission. It’s really a joint effort because David almost always vacuums. So, today, my touching had to do with cleaning. I touched a mop and bucket, a dust rag and lemon oil, a laundry basket and clean clothes, a sponge and bathroom cleaner. With my IPod in my ears, listening to Robinella croon, I cleaned my way upstairs and downstairs (not in my nightgown, however) until the whole house sparkled.

That’s what I like about this kind of touching. I can see what I’ve done and feel satisfied. I apply elbow grease and I see the results. It feels good to put my energy into caring for our home. And when it’s all done, I get to relax in my favorite chair, sip tea and feel like all is well—there is peace in my world.

Thank you, God, for good work and the energy to do it!

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