Friday, January 8, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 5—Joining Hands

This morning, I visited with my oldest brother in the hospital, right before he had his gall bladder removed. Even though the surgery is a common procedure, it’s still nerve-wracking to go through something like this. I could see apprehension and fear on Bruce’s face. My instinctive response was to ask if I could pray.

Two of his friends were there. So, I leaned over and held Bruce’s hand and one of his friend’s hand, who held the other friend’s hand. Instantly, a circle of prayer was formed—made through the joining of hands.

The impulse to join hands speaks of our desire to be united, especially when facing something that makes us feel small and feeble. The impulse to join hands says, “We are in this together—nobody has to face their troubles alone.” The impulse to join hands reaffirms that though we feel weak alone, we feel stronger when we’re together.

I will remember that moment of joining hands—of touching—as a moment of grace and a very good thing to do.

With whom do you need to join hands?

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