Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 Days of Touching

Day 12--Textures

I love textures. I am drawn to nubby, natural, variegated textures. The first thing I do when I shop for clothes is feel the fabric and notice the texture. So today, I noticed textures.
  • I wore pants that had a some wool in them and I found myself running my hand across my thigh to feel the blend of threads.
  • My sweater, on the other hand, was thin and soft. It had big pockets in which I thrust my hands and felt the smoothness of the material.
  • I sat in one chair whose fabric was a blend of materials, causing friction when I felt it across my hand.
  • I sat in another chair that was made of smooth, sleek material, the kind you could slide right out of.
  • I felt the texture of the food I ate--crusty bread, slippery avocado, crunchy flax seed chips, soggy vegetable soup and soft pumpkin cake.
  • I felt the texture of skin: David's, my own, a friend's.
  • I touched the smooth, slick steering wheel in my car, the cushiony fabric seat and the form-fitting gear shift.

In a given day, my hands and yours touch a thousand different textures. What do they tell us of God and our spiritual life? God shows up in the textures of life--the varied textures. He seems both nubby and smooth; rough, at times, and shimmery at others. For as many textures as there are in the world, God has them beat.

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