Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Days of Seeing

“Some say geodes are made from pockets of tears,
Trapped away in small places for years upon years.
Pressed down and transformed,
‘til the true self was born….”
(Lyrics by singer/songwriter, Carrie Newcomer, from her song, Geodes.)

Today, I spent all day at home cleaning—a necessity after being gone two weekends in a row. As often happens, I felt the common “let down” following a conference where I speak. I expend so much energy and give all I have. So, when I come home, I often feel a little exhausted and empty.

As I was vacuuming and dusting, I plugged in the earphones to my iPod and listened to music. One of the songs I played was Carrie Newcomer’s, called Geodes. I heard the above line while simultaneously dusting the geodes on our mantle. David and I love geodes because they remind us of the ones we used to find in the creek beds at his grandparent’s property.

I “saw” and “heard” in concert the message of her song; that geodes contain pockets of tears and crystallize into beautiful formations at the core of their being. I thought about the sadness and melancholy I felt today and wondered how it might be “pressed down and transformed ‘til my true self is born.” I felt encouraged to embrace my depressed emotions and wondered how God might turn them into something beautiful and good within the core of me.

Think about it: What tears have been transformed in you?

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