Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Days of Seeing

Day 22

Repeating Patterns

Today, not far from my home, I saw a column of Bradford Pear trees lining a driveway. These particular trees lose their leaves late in autumn, so the sequence of several colorful spires made quite a splash against the gray sky. If there had only been one, it might have gone unnoticed. But the procession of them is what caught my eye.

I know the gardening principle that if you really want to make a statement, plant the same flowers, bushes or shrubs in a cluster. The heavier the concentration, the more dramatic the effect. Repeating patterns are far more eye catching than single articles.

Have you ever noticed God speaking to you through repeating patterns? You keep hearing the same phrase, verse of Scripture, or spiritual anecdote several times in a brief period. By the third or fourth time, you are ready to sit up and take notice.

I believe God often communicates his thoughts to us through repeating patterns. Once, in a few month period of time, I heard four or five people refer to the same, somewhat obscure verse of Scripture—one that I had been meditating on. After a few times, I felt certain that I needed to listen keenly to what God had to say to me through this passage.

Think through the last few weeks and months. Have you noticed any repeating patterns through which God might be speaking to you? If you journal, read back over the last few months and look for repeating patterns of thought or insight. If you identify a pattern, take time to ask God if there is anything he wants to reveal to you through it.

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