Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Days of Seeing

Day 25-27

I just returned from speaking at a retreat in Hunt Valley, Maryland. It was held at a beautiful resort that was encompassed by a stunning golf course. During the afternoon session, I looked out a large window of the room where we met and absorbed the beauty of the greens of the course and surrounding landscape. The trees hedging it were tinged with drab colors of late autumn. The fairway was still vibrant even though the day was gray and cloudy. A light, cool rain was falling in a mist.

As I stretched my vision to take it all in a flutter of movement intercepted my sight. I focused on what was a stark contrast to the natural hues of the scenery--a large, black and white umbrella protruding through the shrubs. A golfer emerged, pushing his cart with umbrella overhead, protecting him from the clinging drizzle.

There he was--a man, following his passion in spite of adverse conditions. I wondered what inspired him to go out on such a dismal day, all by himself, to play a few holes. I felt happy for him that he had enough zeal to press through the inclement weather and do what brought him life. I had a feeling he was having a great game.

Mr. Golfer made me think about my own passions, what I am willing to go out in the rain to do. What I love enough to do even if I get cold and wet and have to go alone. That was the picture I have framed in my mind as I continue my 30 Days of Seeing and the questions that I am left to ponder.

I had a wonderful time at the retreat. I met some delightful women and felt like I offered my very best to them. I led them into some new territory--ways of experiencing Jesus that are not the conventional forms of engagement. I pray that they have experienced a fresh desire to seek the face of Jesus.

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