Wednesday, November 11, 2009

30 Days of Seeing

Windows on the World

I was exercising this morning, paddling along on my elliptical next to a window on the back of my house. As I looked down into the back yard, I soon became distracted by the dirty window and screen. It wasn’t that I couldn’t see at all, it was that I couldn’t see with clarity. The smudges of dust and debris created a film through which I viewed my world.

Of course, I often see life through a soiled and distorted lens. Sometimes the cause is my own self-centeredness. I am so focused on me that I can’t see beyond me. Sometimes the cause is the distorted way I see God and understand him and how he works in the world. I think if he would get involved, life would become problem-free and effortless.

So, what film is covering the lens through which I see God today? What smudges are distracting me and causing me to focus on them rather than on the real beauty and opportunities before me?

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