Thursday, September 24, 2009

30 Days of Tasting

Day 11

A number of people, knowing about my 30 Days of Tasting, have encouraged me to see the movie, Julie & Julia. Well, today, I put on my big girl pants and went to see it by myself! David was at Schmooza Palooza downtown. (A networking event with a great title—don’t you think?) So, on impulse, I jumped in the car, headed over to the Keystone Arts Cinema and had the most delightful time watching a movie that I absolutely adored. I think I smiled my way through the whole thing!

Here are ten reasons why:

  1. It made me think of my husband. David, like Julia Child’s husband, is my biggest encourager, the one who always believes in me and ecstatically celebrates me when I succeed. I still remember the day while in the kitchen preparing lunch (of course!), my laptop open on the kitchen table, an email came from an editor at Abingdon Press with the subject line, “Congratulations.” (It’s still in my inbox.) David saw it, said, “Beth, come here!” We read it together, an email telling me that Abingdon wanted to publish my first book. We both squealed and literally danced around the kitchen!
  2. It made me want to cook. I love to cook. And, if I may say so, I think I am a pretty great cook. Cooking is a creative outlet and something I love to do for my family and friends.
  3. It made me love life. Julie Child loved life. She was an effervescent spirit who enjoyed every moment, bringing a light-heartedness and joy to whatever and whomever she met.
  4. It made me appreciate the gift of food. Isn’t it marvelous that, unlike most of the animal kingdom, we have a bounty of beautiful foods to choose from and a palate to distinguish subtle nuances in taste?
  5. It made me realize that food goes best with family and friends. What a blessing to share a meal with people you love. There is something so wholesome about gathering around a table and enjoying rich food with rich conversation.
  6. It made me see how savoring food awakens me to my passions. Julie Child had a way of throwing herself into tasting her food. That zeal transferred in the way she lived out her passionate love for her husband, family and friends. It also helped her discover her passion for cooking and teaching.
  7. It made me want to slow down and not be so driven. I have been reading through Ecclesiastes—a very interesting book in the Bible. One of the themes of Solomon’s (the author) is the notion of finding meaningful work to do but not becoming driven by it. This movie reminded me of Solomon’s wisdom.
  8. It made me glad for simple meals. (I couldn't cook that way all the time. I would weigh 200 lbs!) When I came home after the movie and after kissing my husband, I opened a bottle of wine, warmed some pita and spread some hummus. That works for me.
  9. It made me remember why I love butter! I learned that from my mother! I DO love butter. You will always find real butter in the Booram refrigerator. And when I butter my toast, I BUTTER my toast.
  10. It made me glad to be a woman. Both characters, Julie and Julie, brought their feminine mystique into the art of cooking and the art of living. I celebrate with them what it means to be a woman, coming into her own and offering herself and her gifts to the world.

    If you haven’t seen the movie by now, I hope you will. It has left a grateful taste in my mouth—grateful to be alive, to have someone to love and for the gifts of God’s bounty.

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