Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 Days of Tasting

Day 3

As I think back over my day and reflect on all that I have tasted, the most indelible flavor (although the cabbage rolls at dinner were pretty amazing) was one I enjoyed this morning as I sat down in my comfy office chair where I pray and read. Within moments of starting to focus, I reflexively ran my tongue over my teeth and immediately noticed the invigorating flavor of toothpaste. I had just brushed away both morning breath and morning coffee.

The taste was so crisp, minty and cool—a welcomed sensation after the earthy bitterness of coffee had turned stale in my mouth. I love the feeling of fresh breath and a fresh palate. It’s like starting all over again with a clean slate. All the previous flavors have been washed away as my taste buds stand at attention, coiffed and ready for their next assignment.

Isn’t a new beginning, a fresh start each day often what we long for and need? The opportunity to put past failures and missed opportunities aside. A chance to “try it again.” If only it was as simple to come by as picking up our toothbrush, squeezing on some Colgate (my favorite) and scrubbing away. Then again, maybe it is. Imagine that’s what God offers us each day? Jeremiah did. He said that God’s “mercies begin afresh each morning.” (Lamentations 3:23)

Perhaps the simple act of brushing my teeth can help me remember that. As I wash my mouth of all the bad tastes left over from the night, and the clean flavor of toothpaste replaces them, I will remind myself that God offers a fresh supply of forgiveness and mercy to me at every dawn. I think I might even remember that tonight when I brush before I go to bed.

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