Friday, September 18, 2009

30 Days of Tasting

Day 5

I have been thirsty all day long. I bet a hundred times today I’ve had the subconscious thought, “I’m thirsty.” My tongue has felt dry. The roof of my mouth, as well. Last night, after the wine tasting, I went to bed thirsty—alcohol does that to you. I had leg cramps in the night and woke up thirsty.

Today, I left for two appointments and forgot to take along water. The first thing I did at lunch was gulp down a big glass of water. Even after lunch, as I did some errands, I noticed my persistent thirst. Finally, I got home, and immediately filled a tall glass with ice cold water. I can't seem to quench my thirst.

As I think back over day 5 of my tasting experiment, it is my relentless thirst that has my interest piqued. I am amazed at how actively my body lets me know that I am thirsty and need water. The dry mouth, dry eyes, leg cramps and subconscious thoughts of thirst all heighten my attention to the fact that I am parched.

As essential to my life as water is my thirst and need for God. Do I just as easily recognize the signs? Why not, each time I feel thirst and take a drink, express to God that I thirst for him. As I become aware of physical thirst, why not let it be a prompt to drink deeply of God in that moment.

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