Thursday, October 22, 2009

30 Days of Seeing

Day 3

So, what did you see today? If you live in the Midwest, I wonder if you saw stunningly gorgeous fall foliage like I did. As I walked and drove, I found myself oohing and aahing over the golden yellows, burnt oranges and scarlet reds of autumn. Today, I also discovered another principle of seeing--it isn't what you see, but what you don't see that often trips you up.

That’s where I found myself today. Though I saw some spectacular sights, and was very intent on looking, it was something I didn’t see that literally tripped me up. This morning, I headed for Ritchie Woods for a walk with Bongo. It’s a park in Fishers where I live and is densely wooded and hilly. This time of year, it is absolutely magical.

I headed into the woods, clipping along at a quick pace, immersed in my sensory exercise of seeing, when all of a sudden I went sprawling toward the ground! I barely broke my fall; hit the ground with my knees, then my hands, then my left shoulder and lastly my chin. (At least I didn’t eat dirt!) I couldn’t believe it. The culprit that caused my tumble was more than likely a tree root. I was so busy seeing, I didn’t notice the unseen and the rest is history.

No significant harm was done, though my shoulders are starting to feel sore from absorbing much of the jolt. I continued my walk, grateful, at least, that I didn’t have an audience to observe my acrobatics and add the additional injury of embarrassment. As the experience settled within me, I realized a familiar disappointment surface--the sense that I can never completely let go and lose myself in something, without the fear that if I do, life might come along and whack me upside the head!

Do you know what I mean? Are you ever afraid to really enjoy life for fear that if you do something bad will happen? I confess that I live with some of that wariness—an uneasy, gnawing concern that I better not let down my guard completely or I will become vulnerable and unprepared for the next round of misfortune.

Is that a lack of faith in God or just being realistic and prudent. I'm not sure. Either way, I'm continuing this experiment a little more watchful for not only what I can see but what I might be missing.

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Judy said...

Today I arrived at work early enough to watch the sunrise from the 11th floor of my office building. With an eastern exposure, I saw it lift off the horizon and paint the sky in a brilliant hue of oranges, pinks, and blues. It was breathtaking.

I made a point of watching as part of the 30 day challenge. I have always experienced God's awesome touch through the power of nature. Watching the sunrise was a beautiful reminder that each new day is a symbol of starting anew.