Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We raise ourselves toward God by the questions we ask: Good question! #7

I shopped for our Thanksgiving meal yesterday. We'll have about 15 family and friends join us for our first Thanksgiving in our new home! So, as I sauntered through the grocery store, filling my cart with all the necessary items to make my portion of the meal complete, I stopped off in the wine aisle and added a couple of bottles to my load, concerned that I might run out of wine half-way through the feast.

Either because of a lack of money or planning, there was a another feast, a wedding feast, described in John 2 where that very thing happened. It's a story I've found myself stewing in for several days now. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Jesus with his disciples, attended this wedding feast in Cana, when half way through the celebration, the wine ran out! Mary, perhaps concerned for the embarrassment of the host, prodded Jesus to take care of the problem. And eventually he did--turning everyday water into fine wine.

One of the questions that has emerged for me through this story is this: "If I keep going as I am, will my wine run out?"

Undoubtedly, this is a question that has come to the surface for good reason. David and I feel as though our lifework and lifestyle have come together in the most joyous and wonderful way. As we celebrate the launching of Sustainable Faith Indy and enjoy the newness of our urban home and the pleasure of sharing in this ministry together, we are very thankful, indeed.

There are also times when I feel like I'm running out of sap to respond to the numerous invitations of my life. I'm aware that for me to continue to have the joy and energy necessary for this work, I need to fill up. I need to discover the ways and means through which Jesus fills me with his Spirit and transforms what I have to offer others. I don't want the wine of my life to run out.

As you consider the way you are living, if you keep going as you are, will your wine run out?

Recognizing a dwindling supply of energy and enthusiasm for life can help us take the steps necessary to stock up; to pursue the spiritual practices and experiences through which we are refilled and refueled. This Thanksgiving, as you celebrate the bounty of your life, why not take some time to inventory how much wine you have left in the cellar.   

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