Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 Days of Hearing

Day 8: Bird Songs

The sun has been shining for three days—an occasion to celebrate for those who live in this part of the country! Spring is teasing us, playing peek-a-boo and today I fell for it. I had to get out and take a walk, drink in the sunshine. As I walked on a familiar path, I noticed a symphony of bird songs in surround sound.

Cardinals sang their lyrical songs.
Red-winged blackbirds blew their whistled songs.
A flicker of red-bellied woodpecker hammered his song.
Robins composed their common, modest songs.
Flocks of Canadian geese honked in chorus—sounding the most boisterous songs.
Tree swallows chirped while playing catch-me-if-you-can.
Blue birds—yes, two!—made no discernable sound but dazzled in the morning light.

I thoroughly enjoyed a concert this morning. The field was the stage upon which each bird played his or her tune. At the end, I gave them and their Conductor a standing ovation!

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Mary said...

Oh I love, "At the end, I gave them and their Conductor a standing ovation!" I can just see God's smile at that!!!!

Yesterday was glorious here too.
I spent a big piece of it outdoors.
We have a huge old cedar tree in the backyard, and there were dozens of Ceder Waxwings descending and ascending all around it. What an amazing site.