Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday: Living in the In-Between

 Holy Saturday is a day of darkness and emptiness. A day of waiting--though we don't know what we are waiting for. It's a day when our faith is entombed in uncertainty and we yearn for resurrection. It's the day during Holy Week when Jesus' lifeless body lay buried in a cold tomb and his disciples were left numb, their faith frozen in time, uncertain of what to do next.
Holy Saturday reminds us of a time in our lives when we are transitioning from what we've known to a new knowing--and we are somewhere "in-between." We look behind us and can see where we've been. We look ahead but don’t know exactly where we are going. And we are somewhere in the middle, between “what was” and “what will be.”
            We enter Holy Saturdays through death; through our stale faith expiring and the yearning for a more real experience of God. Sometimes Holy Saturdays will last a short time—maybe a few weeks or months. But there are other times when we feel lost in the dark for several years.The in-between can be filled with uncertainly and upheaval. However, when we wait it out in Holy Saturday—we are often transformed by our journey in the -in-between. And then one day we awake to resurrection Sunday.

(Adapted from The Wide Open Spaces of God, by Beth Booram) 

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