Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We raise ourselves toward God by the questions we ask: Good Question! #4

My spiritual journey seems to circle back through familiar terrain from time to time. I enter a spiritual landscape that feels strangely familiar--a sort of spiritual dejavu--and it makes me stop and think, "When have I been here before?" and "What do I remember about this place?" Another "good question" that promotes spiritual movement.

Remembering where we've been is a an important spiritual practice if we are to navigate the circuitous landscapes of our spiritual lives and one we are reminded to do throughout Scripture. Psalm 42, for example, says, "My heart is breaking as I remember how it used to be (Psalm 42:4)." "Now I am deeply discouraged, but I will remember you... (Psalm 42: 6)."

Especially when we find ourselves in a time of disorientation with God, it's helpful to reflect on how this time reminds us of other times in our life and journey. Often, as we reflect back, we recall who God was for us and how God was with us. As we recall, we are strengthened to look for God and hope in God in the midst of our present darkness.

It's the "songs we learn" in those times of confusion that help us through the nights of our present and future sojourn. (Psalm 42: 8) They help us know where to look for God in the midst of the fog and how to posture ourselves for God's work and redemption.

As you consider the spiritual terrain of your life right now, does it remind you of a time in the past? If so, what do you remember about it? How was God with you and for you?

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