Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 Days of Smell

Day 1: A Daughter’s Scent

I have three lovely daughters. Each one is unique, like three exotic flowers bursting with vibrant colors and aromatic fragrance. Yesterday, I walked into my middle daughter’s room to get something—she hasn’t lived at home for a few years—and I could smell her scent. To try to portray it causes me to confront the challenge of this new 30-day experiment. It’s difficult to describe smells.

Here’ what comes to mind: musky, natural, spicy, patchouli, pungent and earthy.

After I left my middle daughter’s room, I went into my youngest daughter’s room. She hasn’t lived at home for a couple of years, either. Once again, I caught a waft of her scent. It was different from my middle daughter’s.

Here’s how I would describe it: sweet, rich, fruity, nutty and grassy.

When I hug each of my girls, I notice their scents. They are subtle but very much a part of them. I love the way they smell! Each fragrance captures their essence in a complex, intangible and wonderful way. I am struck with the fact that even years after they no longer live in our home, I can still smell them.

As I think of these scents and ponder their significance, I feel a flood of gratefulness for my girls. I love and appreciate each one and savor them for their differences and the qualities they share because they are sisters, my daughters. I celebrate them and thank God for them. They are adorable, beautiful, striking young women—full of life and promise. My heart is filled with delight as I savor the fragrance of their lives, an aroma which will linger with me forever.

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