Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exciting news about The Art of Faith/Awakening Your Senses!

I'm writing to share some very exciting news and an invitation! First of all, I am delighted to share with you my wonderful news! I just received a contract with InterVarsity Press to publish The Art of Faith/Awakening Your Senses with co-author, Brent Bill. I am thrilled to work with such an exceptional company--one who publishes many of my favorite authors! The title of this book has not been settled but the contents will come from The Art of Faith workshop and the 30 Days experiments that Brent and I have been blogging about for the last several months. This book should be released sometime in 2011.

Second, mark your calendars for another 30 Days experiment beginning Monday, March 1st! This time, we will focus on the sense of hearing. As I've encouraged you before:

  • Put a note in your calendar each day for 30 days that reminds you to pay attention to what you hear.
  • Every day, isolate your sense of hearing and see how God speaks to you through the sounds of life bubbling up around you.
  • Keep a journal about what you discover.
  • Follow my blog and comment or write about your own adventures.
  • Join The Art of Faith on Facebook and share your experiences with other sensory pilgrims.

If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting The Art of Faith: Awakening Your Senses to the Wonder of God, please let me know. Brent and I would love to share this unique, engaging workshop that helps more of you experience more of God.

Warmly, Beth

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